Zombie Lab

Zombie Lab


A lethal man-made virus is turning healthy people into bloodthirsty, emotionless zombies. The virus is spread through a single bite. 

Most of the planet is now infected and humanity is on the brink of extinction. You are a team of scientists who were shipped to Russia to find the cure. 

You have only 60 minutes to save yourselves and the whole world before the zombies break down the door of the lab and eat you!

Location: Fox in a Box - Orange County

Address123 W. Amerige Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832


Parking: Shared parking lot in-front (Can be busy due to night scene during weekends)

Date Completed: January 17, 2018

Number of Escape Artists: 2

Hint System: Unlimited via Monitor and Speaker System

ResultESCAPED -  54 minutes 45 seconds

Creativity: 4

Difficulty: 4

Immersiveness: 4

Fun Factor: 5


Note. For observed means, 1 = WTF?; 2 = Take a gander; 3 = You can book it; 4 = You should book it now; 5 = OMG! You should've booked it yesterday!


  • Recommend 3-5 escape artists
  • Good for individuals who like science or zombies
  • Great game master
  • Puzzles were fun and scientific

This was my second time to Fox in a Box in Fullerton and as I arrived, Aryonna, one of the game masters recognized me. I felt totally special, but she told me that she remembered me for "cheating" during my last escape room at Fox in a Box. LOL! 0o0oh please. I requested her to be my GM because I had a fun experience with her when I escaped Cold War Bunker and Central Bank. She was very patient with my friend who has only had 2 escape rooms under her belt.

Before heading in the room, we were given lab coats. Entering the room, we found that there are A LOT of locks and we had to start by looking everywhere for clues. LIKE EVERYWHERE! My friend and I have science degrees and this room was definitely a good chemistry review. There was one puzzle where you need really good hand-eye coordination. Aryonna caught me trying to "cheat", but I was really using my science knowledge to skip some steps. LOL.

Overall, the escape room was fun and a classic Fox in a Box escape room. Their rooms will not disappoint. Thank you Aryonna for being an awesome GM.

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