Casino Heist

Casino Heist


You got the keys to a secret storage room in an abandoned casino with millions of dollars, but so did your competitors. Can you get the money before the other gang gets to it? Oh, and the casino is being demolished in an hour, GOOD LUCK!

Location: 60OUT Escape Rooms

Address1560 Corinth Avenue, Los Angeles, CA


Parking: Street Parking

Price (per person): $40 (2 people); $33.33 (3 people); $30 (4 people); $28 (5 people); $26.66 per person (6 people) 

Date Completed: April 4, 2018

Number of Escape Artists: 2 (includes 1 newbie)

Hint System: Unlimited via Walkie Talkie

Success Rate: N/A

Result: ESCAPED! -  44 minutes 16 seconds

Creativity: 4

Difficulty: 3

Immersiveness: 4

Fun Factor: 5


Note. For OVERALL means, 1 = WTF?; 2 = Take a gander; 3 = You can book it; 4 = You should book it now; 5 = OMG! You should've booked it yesterday!


  • Recommends 2-4 escape artists
  • Great escape room for newbies
  • Puzzles were fairly easy
  • Great use of multiple rooms

According to our GM, this room was one of the first rooms that started of 60out. I believe this escape room facility was called "Escape Key". 60out is always a company that I trust! I believe they are consistent with value and good escape experience. I have always given them a 4+/5 rating.

Prior to the escape experience, our GM had an accent and did very well of story development. At first, I was worried about this escape room because I didn't feel like it was as immersive as the other 60out escape rooms I experienced. We started off in a casino room with casino-themed wallpaper. The puzzles were easy but still fun! The best of part of this escape room lies in the next rooms you go into. I remember going into the second room and thinking, "This is what I'm talking about". LOL. There were also couple of creative aspects of the room which I enjoyed, mainly high-tech aspects.

This escape room is perfect for newbies and I recommend this room for anyone who wants to get into escape rooms. I escaped this room with a friend who had no experience with escape rooms and I could tell she was already hooked and wanted to do another one. (: You're welcome, Kayla!

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