The Pharaoh's Tomb

The Pharaoh's Tomb


The recent discovery of a pyramid, has set the world’s imagination afire. Rumors of a mysterious Pharaoh and an ancient curse have been circulating in the media. You have assembled a team of leading archaeologists to join you on your mission to reach the inner tomb and discover the identity of this forgotten Egyptian king. You must discover the inner tomb, identify the Pharaoh, and escape within 60 minutes, or else you too may fall victim to the Pharaoh’s curse!

LocationEscape Games At The River

Address71800 Hwy 111, Suite A-210, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

Parking: Mall parking lot

Price: $35 per person

Date Completed: April 20, 2018

Number of Escape Artists: 3 

Hint System: Unlimited via Magic Mirror

Success Rate: N/A

ResultESCAPED! - 47 minutes 21 seconds

Creativity: 3

Difficulty: 5

Immersiveness: 3

Fun Factor: 3


Note. For OVERALL means, 1 = WTF?; 2 = Take a gander; 3 = You can book it; 4 = You should book it now; 5 = OMG! You should've booked it yesterday!


  • Recommend 3-4 escape artists
  • 1st Gen lock & key escape room
  • A lot of pen & paper puzzles
  • Old school feel

After being amped from The Secret of the Dragon's Spire, we wanted to do another escape room at Escape Games at the River. Our GM told us that this escape room was the first escape room they made.

This room is a true 1st generation lock & key escape room and it certainly did not have the same WOW factor or immersiveness as Dragon's Spire. 

I would recommend this escape room for artists who like pen & paper puzzles because there's several of them. Some puzzles were creative. I especially like the one with the bean bags.

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The Secret of the Dragon's Spire

The Secret of the Dragon's Spire