Whether you call it Rip City, Stumptown, The City of Roses, or just PDX, our Portlandia room will have you loving all that Keeps Portland Weird! But don’t get too comfortable in this decked-out apartment, if you don’t find all the curious clues that make Portland amazing and discover how to solve the puzzles, you might end up trapped there forever!

Location: Escape Games PDX

Address2636 NW 26th Ave #2, Portland, OR 97210


Parking: Large parking lot in-front

Price Paid: $30 per person (Booking whole room required for a private room)

Date Completed: February 18, 2018

Number of Escape Artists: 10 (including 8 strangers)

Hint System: Unlimited via TV Monitor

Result: ESCAPED! -  59 minutes 50 seconds

Creativity: 5

Difficulty: 4

Immersiveness: 4

Fun Factor: 5


Note. For OVERALL means, 1 = WTF?; 2 = Take a gander; 3 = You can book it; 4 = You should book it now; 5 = OMG! You should've booked it yesterday!


  • Recommend 3-5 escape artists
  • Quirky and silly puzzles
  • Epic beer wall!
  • BALL PIT!!!
  • Find the rent money!

Amber really liked this escape room because of how creative it was. 10 people in this escape room was too much, but the people in our group were easy to work with.

This escape room was quirky, silly and simply fun. The escape room was multi-linear. The puzzles were not difficult, but it would be much easier to solve if you had previous knowledge of Portland's history and famous landmarks. If you're a non-local, we suggest that you draft locals with you.

Documentation and communication is key for this escape room.

This escape room is definitely a fun one!

Two ladies are missing for the pic.

Two ladies are missing for the pic.

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