Sector 13

Sector 13


Your nephew has been working as a test subject for the enigmatic Cybortek Corporation. Things have gone wrong and he’s now dying. Can you sneak into their high-security underground lab and find the antidote?

Location: Trapped!

Address: 600 N Mountain Ave b204, Upland, CA 91786


Parking: Parking lot behind facility

Price Paid: $32 per person - Private Room

Date Completed: February 3, 2018

Number of Escape Artists: 4 escape artists

Hint System: Unlimited via Walkie Talkie

Result: ESCAPED! - 47 minutes 14 seconds

Creativity: 5

Difficulty: 3

Immersiveness: 5

Fun Factor: 5


Note. For OVERALL means, 1 = WTF?; 2 = Take a gander; 3 = You can book it; 4 = You should book it now; 5 = OMG! You should've booked it yesterday!


  • Recommend 4-5 escape artists
  • Immersive AF
  • Good story line and how it related to 
  • High-tech, clever and fun puzzles
  • Great escape room for beginners

An elevator shaft - CHECK!

Clever and fun puzzles - CHECK!

Cool story - CHECK!

Hi-tech equipment - CHECK!

This room had it all and it was so fun to play. Roland the general manger was very friend and Shay are game master was very cheerful. Loved the atmospher

The moment we got into the elevator shaft, our team felt a sense of adrenaline because we all know the room was going to be a good one. Even though this room was the oldest out of the rooms offered, it was very well designed and a solid escape room. I've tried The Lair of the Puzzle Master which I also enjoyed. The puzzles in Lair of the Puzzle Master required more abstract thought while the puzzles in this escape room were more concrete and of a "I see what I need to do. It's in front of me. But how do I it?" type of feel.

Overall, this escape room is a gem and worth the $32! Good value!

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The Panic Room

The Panic Room