Syndicate: The Relic Heist

Syndicate: The Relic Heist


The Syndicate, a powerful extra-legal organization, has failed to secure a relic of unknown origins. The task has therefore fallen on you; the Syndicate’s most elite unit. Steal it, leave no trace, failure is not an option.

Location: Escape Games Canada

Address15 Kodiak Crescent #5, North York


Parking: Parking in-front of facility

Price: $23.89 CAD per person 

Date Completed: April 18, 2017

Number of Escape Artists: 6 (including 1 newbie)

Hint System: GM comes in to give a hint

Success Rate: 25-35%

Result: ESCAPED! - 59 minutes and 0 points

Creativity: 4

Difficulty: 4.5

Immersiveness: 3

Fun Factor: 4


Note. For OVERALL means, 1 = WTF?; 2 = Take a gander; 3 = You can book it; 4 = You should book it now; 5 = OMG! You should've booked it yesterday!


  • Recommend 4-5 escape artists
  • Unique heist concept
  • Heavily depended on reading emails
  • Laser maze was a cool
  • Canadian History!

My best friend in Toronto booked an escape room in North York. This place had SEVEN escape rooms and seemed very big. The person at the front told me that this escape room was a 2.5 Gen room and was made in 2015.

This escape room was more than a heist. Other than the first objective (to steal the correct relic), the secondary objective was to put everything back how we first found so it looked like nothing had happened. To me, it felt like a clever way to reset the room. We made it out of the room, but did a horrible job of putting everything back. Although we escaped, we had 0 points for the secondary object. LOL! 

The escape room was very unique. You get to climb! You get to avoid lasers! You get to operate a computer where you uncover emails to help you complete the room. The only issue I thought was how run-down the room was. If the quality was better, I would've loved the room because of it's uniqueness! I also loved how Canadian History was apart of the escape room!

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